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Knowledge is Free

We can help you with your struggles with school.

Because the thing is: you’re not wrong. 


You think you are because you’ve been trained to blame yourself and tell yourself that, whenever you look at your kids’ schoolwork that there’s a purpose to it and it’s good for them, and that it’s your shortcoming--whether it's money, time, or understanding--that keeps you from helping them with it or seeing what the point of it is or why it’s good for them. 


But it’s not your shortcoming--it’s School’s.

Your instincts are right, and there’s tons of evidence to show that what your kids are forced to do by school makes little sense. As recently as 2014, a survey showed that 25% of Americans think the Sun revolves around the Earth, and it's been 3,000 years since humans began to realize the Earth revolves around the Sun. Your own experience tells you that you didn’t learn much from school, or you didn’t learn much that it intended to teach you anyway.  And now your children are in school and even though you feel sure that school is important, so much about it aggravates you because something just doesn’t make sense. You can’t explain what, but your gut is telling you.

Your gut is right.  We are Meadow Learning. We’re called that because, North Arlington, where we are located, is right on a great big grand meadow. But also because a meadow is where life grows in abundance, with no more than the cooperation of the living things within it.

And that’s our dream for people--that we can live and grow in the same natural way with the cooperation of the living things among us. Even if we can just help you take a small step toward making sense of this school stuff that confuses so many of us while helping your kids get through it with less pain, we will be at your service and do for you what we can.

We are here to help.

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