We've been seeing it wrong all along

Researchers like Alfie Kohn have been telling us for years that test scores tell us little about learning. Mr. Kohn, who I admire, may be wrong. Using logic, we can see that test scores tell us a bunch. Parents and educators have used test scores to boast about the quality of their schools for decades, but, the truth is, high test scores may tell us that students are getting a poor quality education after all. We start with three ideas that we are going to tie together. The first is the research of Dan Pink. Pink, in his TED talk and in his book, cites research that tells us that rewards and punishments reduce people's ability to perform cognitively complex tasks. (for an entertaining an

SOLE @ Home: who we are

School does not work for all children. As teachers, we’ve all ached trying to help students who struggle. Work late. Sit home and talk to the family about them. Make extra plans. We remember their names and their faces long after they’ve left us. Maybe you’re a parent of a child who struggles at school. Your heart breaks when you hear of the struggles of the school day. You sit and review and study with your child. Maybe even feel guilty sitting across from the teachers at the parent/teacher conferences. We believe that neither child nor parent nor teacher are defective. We believe we have an answer. The Self-Organized Learning Environment will allow children to use their strengths to