Tough Love Indeed

A friend of mine sent me the picture to the right: (follow him on Twitter @Sisyphus38. You'll be glad you did) What kind of culture does this sign reflect? The school would certainly claim that it is promoting a culture of independence, responsibility, and self-reliance. And many of us would initially agree. "Children need to learn responsibility!" But a deconstruction of the ideas behind this sign reveals something quite different, and rather disturbing. For starters, it's a culture of shaming and the sign is doing nothing to hide it. Have you or your child messed up and left something you need at home? You should be ashamed. What makes that “walk of shame” phrase doubly and triply g


In the 1970s, Tex Schramm, General Manager of the Dallas Cowboy’s was a lone voice trying to convince the National Football League’s owners that referees should be using instant replay to aid them in officiating games. He was asked, “Why do we need to have instant replay?” Schramm famously pointed to a television in the room and said, “Gentlemen, we already have it.” There is a lot of talk in education circles of late about schools allowing children to control and direct their own learning. We’ve created “genius hours” and a myriad of methods and templates of inquiry learning and all kinds of impressive sounding buzzwords and jargon with varying degrees of success and resistance without r