“I cannot believe what I just saw.” --Vin Scully, Major League Baseball Broadcaster I make it a regular point to make that the children always amaze in SOLE Hours, but some days… So the question on the table was “When will the universe end?” And you could tell the day was going well because it sounded like a hive. On a great day, there’s nothing much for me to do but ask questions and be amazed. It was with this attitude that I approached a doe-eyed, seven year old girl and asked, “What have you learned so far?” maybe expecting a sentence about how big the universe was, but got instead: “Well, the universe keeps getting bigger and bigger, expanding like a balloon, and way into the future,

In the midst of chaos...

“When we are in the midst of chaos, let go of the need to control it.” --Leo Babauta, author, blogger @ Zen Habits It’s good advice. Seriously. And it comes to mind as I think about the children I met at our first SOLE Hour at Kearny Public Library, because the hallmark of chaos is not knowing what is going to happen. So we began and narrowed down a great big question to investigate. ...but we couldn’t decide. Two rounds of voting and we had a tie between “Can dogs understand humans?” and “Why is there no oxygen in space?” Well what do we do now? Cue a little voice: “Can’t we do both?” “Say yes, and figure it out afterwards” --Tina Fey We decided, yes, we could. And we learned some inte