The simple idea behind anything open-source is “Here. We’ve something we’ve made that we think is good. Take it and use it and change it to suit your needs.” Few of us likely have any idea how much we rely on open-sourced products in our daily lives. Have an Android phone? Reading this on Facebook? Or an Apple OS? If you’re on the web at all, odds are some open-source software and code was a part of the creating of the content you’re using. It’s a wondrous idea to conceive that so much has come from ideas that were given away. After all, just about all of us were raised differently, that we should strive for measurable achievement until we’ve reached a point of success that, if it wasn’t tol

Muscle Memory

Confession: Every morning there is a 50/50 chance I will begin looping my belt through my pants in the wrong direction. I’m 40 years old. I went to a grammar school that required school uniforms, which means in 35 years it hasn’t sunk in. It’s time to concede muscle memory may be a problem for me. Never been a particularly good athlete, though I like playing sports. The only one I’ve even been even modestly good at is bowling, and muscle memory is vital in it! Though anyone who was ever on a team with me could attest to my wild inconsistency, as capable of scoring a 230 as a 120 from game to game. I was always a good student in school. I learned to read before I was in school without direc

Need to

I stared at this worksheet. Senior level class. Entrepreneurship. Student being asked to classify needs and wants. This for an 18 year old. And we wonder why students become disillusioned with school. I only bring that up because it brings up a related pairing of words we’ve also managed to cross up: “need to” vs. “have to.” How often have you said aloud, “I need to get this done,” when you were discussing it in relation to a deadline? Or an order given to you by a boss or a teacher? How often have you heard “you need to do this” from the same? Needs are primal. They occupy a part of us that does not have vocabulary. Need is the bubble in you bursting from howl of demon flame. Anythi

The Minority

Whenever people defend institutionalized schooling, often they will point to the number of children that are succeeding in school. And there are. But if there is a majority that is doing well, there also must be a minority that are suffering due to the structures and hierarchies of school. And there are. If, when we used the word “minority” in the above sentence, we were referring to an individual race or gender, we’d be ashamed of ourselves for allowing to happen what was happening. But because in this case it applies to a swath of children across racial, gender, and wealth divides, School feels more comfortable ignoring the suffering of that minority. Quite often School will even apply