Music, Memories, and SOLEs

Everyone’s got a song that is a little blip of a song that was popular for six months when you were 17 that then went away maybe to be heard only a few times ever since then. But after all those years, when it comes on you sing every word to the song. One of mine that comes to mind (and they don’t come to mind easily, do they? That’s the point.) is Ace of Base’s “All that She Wants.” (stop that chuckling) If I’ve heard that song ten times since 1994 it’d be a lot, mostly because “The Sign” is their one hit that has somehow come through the years and still gets some airplay. Maybe yours is a deep track from an album you used to play endlessly, but don’t anymore. Or some novelty hit? I he

Are you wasting your fucking life?

You might be wasting your fucking life. I don’t know if you are or not. Nor if I am or not for that matter. Because there are a great many different kinds of people out there and I’m one of them and these are based on my reflections. I’d rather stay home. Maybe you’re a serious introvert. Maybe you’ve planned a whole evening to yourself where you cooked some awesome food, bought a great bottle of wine and have been looking forward to it for weeks. You might be happily married and prefer the company of your wife and kids. If you’re something like that, go on you because you’re choosing the best thing. The rest of us have got some shit work out. Because if you’ve got nothing special to do and

We are not leading a movement

We are not leading a movement. Everyone in education it seems of late is leading a movement of some sort. Claiming to be leading an axial shift in consciousness on the level of The Renaissance. And there is no sense in my hiding my point of view that schools, if they are going to remain relevant, are going to need to change top to bottom, inside and out, and there was a time that I thought leading a revolution of any kind on any level was the way for it to happen. How much of that was catering to ego? To not only have a revolution but to be the face of it! To be the person others looked to, like we all look at others whose ideas we admire. Ooooh! Wow! We talk of these grand visions, whe

an ode to the SOLE Grannies

A lot of ifs forthcoming... If it's true a teacher should have more questions than answers and that a teacher, if they give answers, should do so detached from certainty, and with openness to more than they know, and if it’s true that the ancient philosophers and mystics, tell us that happiness and peace comes from emptying ourselves and detaching from ego that only seems to know things, and if having no answers and all questions and wonder means we are empty and detached then isn’t teaching is this way, empty of knowing, as great teachers do, as the Grannies do, pointing us toward happiness and peace?

Beautifully messy, naturally.

I’ve written in this space before about the Self-Organized Learning Environment as not necessarily an end-all be all answer for people, but as an alternative that people can try and see if it fits their needs. Really this is true about any education method. In spite of what our schools offer, what an individual learns is highly, highly dependent on who the person is, which depends on so many different factors that, it’s hard to imagine anyone thinking any large percentage of a people could be served in the same way. But there is something else about methods of education that we often don’t consider: that there’s no finished product. Of course we pay lip-service to helping children become “li