Rock and Roll Waltz

This is what happens when you try to force new and old techniques and ideas together. Ridiculous silliness? Silly ridiculousness? A bad idea for sure. Many schools right now have figured out that child-driven activities are actually good for children. But instead of changing what needs to be changed so that children can actually drive what will happen, school instead tries to force these types of activities into an adult-driven, authoritarian structure. And what do you think you might get then?

Casualties of Control

A military struggling to gain control over another nation’s people will look at civilian casualties as an unfortunate by product of reaching their goal. A police precinct, struggling to gain control over a neighborhood’s people it polices, also may look at civilian casualties as an unfortunate by product of reaching their goal. What happens when teachers try to gain control over learning in a school?

In the school I see...

In the world I see, children get together in the morning at school and talk about last night’s TV shows, ball game, and what they want to do that day, while the teacher joins in, listens, and helps them make it happen. A girl sits outside under a tree and stares at clouds for hours. Other boys and girls run by shouting, accusing each other of breaking the rules of the game they just invented ten minutes ago. In a room not far away, power tools whir as children build a bird sanctuary. In the same room with them is a teacher, standing and admiring nearby a chalkboard full of geometric diagrams the children asked to know to help them build. Walk further on and there’s a room alight with shrie

How do you do?

Hi. My name is Steven Delpome. I’m 41 years old. It’s still hard to get used to that actually being my real age. And one year ago I quit my job teaching wonderful children at a public school in a lovely town that you might not know that you’ve actually heard of: I quit because I found out that part of my job was to make children miserable. Not all children, mind you. Probably, hopefully, not even most. I remember nothing but having a string of the loveliest people you’ll ever meet in class with me every day. A few have even kept in touch a little after they left. Hi Wendy, Stephanie, Nigel, Jenny, Jay, Derrick, Malik, I’m sure and I’m sorry that I’m forgetting a few others. But it’s a real

Jargon and Labels

Is it me or does Jargon give people an excuse to just do what they wanted to anyway and label it in a way they want it to appear? All of the jargon of course refer to real concepts, it’s just that when we turn them into jargon...and especially hashtags, they become labels and lose a lot of their meaning. “Student voice” Oh we in education are all crying out to the world as loudly as we can that student’s need a voice in the classroom! Many of us have recognized that school has silenced children pretty much since there’s been school, so we change what we do and say, “My lesson allows students to have a voice by giving them turn and talk time.” “I give students a voice when I use the end of

Adults do dumb things

The following is a list of dumb things adults do…or don’t do Not share Not have fun alone Wonder about weird things Buy books from stores when they’re free at the library Not build snowmen Be realistic Stay out of the rain Measure everything Not count things just to find out how many Always keep their heads above their butts Not Make up stories Not make up games Stay still Do things they don’t like even though no one is making them Drive everywhere Call anything they do that makes them sweat or breathe hard “exercise” Not dance Think pretending to be an airplane is embarrassing Take pictures of everything Not look at everything Not see how long they and their friends can stay underwater Not