A Lack of Empathy

"These kids these days are so selfish. They completely lack any empathy!" --common lament of the grown-up Well, what do you expect when you make kids read a story and analyze sentences and words and while they read rather than feel for the people in the story? When you make kids look at history in a macro way of world and social effects instead of the events' effects on individuals? When math is reduced to soulless computations and simulated reality and science is contained in a single room? What did you think was going to happen? But go ahead and blame YouTube and the phones.

Why are children bored at school?

Children are fascinated by everything. By this... By this... By this... It takes a purposeful effort to bore a child. Purposeful? Yes. For the most part, bored people sit still, make little noise, and allow what’s going on around them to happen with little resistance. Sounds like a plan to me.

What are you looking for?

So often we only look for what we want to see and can only see that thing or see that it is missing. But what are we missing out on? What if we stop looking and simply exist within an experience with kids, allow ourselves to be ingested by the moment? Might we see that there is more there than we knew?

Pass the butter

Of course you like the word “learners.” It puts kids in their place. Says to children, “Your purpose here is to learn the things I, the adult, say that you must.” Mostly it maintains the social order that you want while making you appear to have changed.