If you care about the lives of children, stop taking the power that is rightly theirs.

Seventeen people die at the gun of one person and America seems capable of only one of two reactions: --Having armed adults to protect children in schools makes great sense. --Having loaded guns in a place with children is an asinine idea. It’s a breath mint. It’s a candy. Tastes Great. Less Filling. What if you’re both wrong? If you arm teachers, the first time a teacher takes out an aggressive intruder, conservatives will cheer and the first time someone is shot accidentally, liberals will yell “told you so.” The status quo arguments you know all too well and in either scenario, all either side is doing is creating a cost-effectiveness model of the issue using children’s lives as the capit

Pics or it didn't happen

So my sister sends me a Buzzfeed article: “10 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Playtime That Every Parent Should Know.” It’s quality stuff. Good to know. But why the hell is this even necessary? Why are we making kids into lab rats so that the reason to have kids play is because of measured benefits? There was a time, not long ago, that parents wanted kids to play because! Have you bought into this narrative we’ve been told our whole lives that the only things that matter are quantifiable. Pics or it didn’t happen?

The Sun and the Moon

"Collecting data on human learning based on children's behavior in school is like collecting data on killer whales based on their behavior at Sea World." --Carol Black How hard it must’ve been for folks to not believe the sun revolved around the earth. It’s right there in front of us moving across the sky after all! Of course this observation was made from a very narrow perspective of person standing on Earth. “Children can’t learn things without my direct intervention because in my class I have to instruct kids on every single thing to do, otherwise they’d get nothing done.” And how hard it must be for people to see that children often are able to solve and figure things out with very litt