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Our bedrock principle: Humility

We are servants, and we act without expectation of compensation, gift, or gratitude.


We do not change people. People change and grow naturally. We work offering kind support based in love.

We do not change the world. The world changes regardless. We play our part in the world by being kind, patient, helpful, and loving.

We don’t know anything. That which we seem to know, we only know from our own limited point-of-view.


We are not powerful. Any strength or power we feel comes from working together with others.

We understand that people are strongest when they are together in union with each other and in support of each other.


We understand that a life is always a work of progress and regress and that our actions toward others should reflect that understanding.


We believe isolating people is wrong.


We believe that any action, no matter the intent, that results in someone feeling small is wrong.


We believe that all people are born with a foundation of goodness.


We do not believe in the power of human beings as much as in the power of humanity.


We understand that we are a small part of a great universe, almost all of which will remain unknowable to us in our lives.


We understand we won’t always live up to this all the time. We simply try to always live up to it as best we can in the present.

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