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  • Steven Delpome

SOLE @ Home: who we are

School does not work for all children.

As teachers, we’ve all ached trying to help students who struggle. Work late. Sit home and talk to the family about them. Make extra plans.

We remember their names and their faces long after they’ve left us.

Maybe you’re a parent of a child who struggles at school. Your heart breaks when you hear of the struggles of the school day. You sit and review and study with your child. Maybe even feel guilty sitting across from the teachers at the parent/teacher conferences.

We believe that neither child nor parent nor teacher are defective.

We believe we have an answer.

The Self-Organized Learning Environment will allow children to use their strengths to learn. Children will be asking questions and seeking answers. Children will learn about concepts instead of facts (right down to “why do I have to learn this?” Yes. We can help children answer that too.)

Children will work in groups and use the near-endless information available on the internet as well as their own talents, tastes, and knowledge. They will learn to discern reliable information from the unreliable. They will collaborate with each other to show what they’ve learned.

Children will amaze us if we just let them.

School doesn’t work for everyone. We all know this. We at SOLE @ Home do not accept that there is no solution, because we know we have one.

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