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  • Steven Delpome

“I cannot believe what I just saw.”

--Vin Scully, Major League Baseball Broadcaster

I make it a regular point to make that the children always amaze in SOLE Hours, but some days…

So the question on the table was “When will the universe end?” And you could tell the day was going well because it sounded like a hive.

On a great day, there’s nothing much for me to do but ask questions and be amazed. It was with this attitude that I approached a doe-eyed, seven year old girl and asked, “What have you learned so far?” maybe expecting a sentence about how big the universe was, but got instead:

“Well, the universe keeps getting bigger and bigger, expanding like a balloon, and way into the future, it’s going to be like someone popped it with a pin and it’s going to deflate.”

She wasn’t reading it.

Not much later, I encountered another girl, a year younger, off on her own drawing an unusual picture.

“What’s this you’re making?”

“It’s boiling soup!”

“Well that’s a good picture.”

Hey, the mysteries of the universe aren’t for everyone. Of course later I was taken aback when she joined back up with the group she was apparently with the whole time and they presented that the universe might be a bubble in a boiling pot of bubbles of universes.

I’m just going to let the kids and the pictures take it from here...

The big question

tears for the end

the first fact!

a picture of the universe

the general relativity theory as it applies to the universe (seriously)

Science, maps, black holes and religion.

the super giant black hole at the center of the universe

the air and the balloon theory

and our little corner of the universe, just around sunset that evening.

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