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  • Steven Delpome

Everyone is a Teacher

“Wouldn’t I love to see the governor do what I do every day.”

“These politicians wouldn’t survive a week of being a teacher.”

In my time as a schoolteacher, I’d uttered those sentences thousands of times, at least half of those times were in 2010 when New Jersey’s Governor Christie decided to all at once slash millions and millions of dollars from our education budget because NJs fiscal problems and mismanagement would be magically solved in one fell swoop.

Since then the governor has accomplished little besides enraging most of his constituency as his approval rates show

(Am I the only person who reads this quote and thinks, "Well, why is School doing things that way???")

But here’s the thing…

It’s also possible that both I and the governor were wrong. Because everyone is a teacher.

We all know it’s true. Maybe you learned car repair from your Uncle Dennis like I did. Or you took a few knocks and bruises learning to catch a pop-up from mom or dad. If you had a dog who waited for you to come home every day, you learned how to greet someone and really make them feel loved. When you were sick you learned homemade chicken soup--never the stuff from the box--was the best treatment for a cold and flu.

And none of the lessons were overly-frustrating or caused any anxiety for you or the teacher. It seems that only comes with school lessons, which then lead to the attitude in the quotes at the start of this piece, which then begs us to ask:

Couldn’t folks in school learn a lot from those other teachers we’ve all had in life?

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