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  • Steven Delpome

Uh Oh...

“The computers won’t connect to the wi-fi.”

Running SOLEs, which are reliant on the Internet, the above sentence is about the worst glitch one can run into.

“Let’s try…”

“How about if we…”

“Maybe restart them?”

Nada, nil, nothing.

Luckily I work with children and the vivid imaginations that accompany them, even when one boy assured me, finger pointing to his brain, “My computer’s not awake right now!” And thus started a classically different SOLE Hour at Wanaque Public Library.

We started in the usual way, brainstorming a list of big questions. Then, instead of searching for the answers to one, we chose to invent answers to a question we each chose.

I’ll let the kids and their inventions and answers speak for themselves...

How do the sun and moon change?

How did the Earth get made?

Why do people live in houses?

How do people make cars?

Are you wondering if they had the right answers? Or if anything they invented was possible? Well stop because that doesn't really matter. What matters is whether the children left the library wondering those exact same things.

(pssst! They were.)

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