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  • Steven Delpome

No solutions here

Sometimes it seems like everyone is laying claim to having the answer to every problem today. Scary germs? Our soap will kill them. Medical problem? Tell your doctor to give you our pill. Not having enough fun? Buy some of our beer. Feeling unfulfilled? Test drive our car.

And so it often goes in schools. Worried about your child’s safety? We’ve got a research-proven anti-bullying curriculum for you and it’ll only cost you one thin dime! (and a second payment of $49,999.90 plus training fees) Worried about your child’s future? We’ve got an army of superheroes at our disposal, molding the children, creating their very futures. Worried your child isn’t getting what other children are? Well now we’ve got new standards that will help the superheroes make sure your child is where they should be, all it will cost you is your compliance ...and-a-billion-or-so-dollars-to-these-educorporations, shhhhh.

This post, I suppose, is meant to clear the air, which right now is full of voices claiming they have the research-proven answer for you and your family.

We at SOLE @ Home simply may not have the solution for you. We’re not superheroes or standard-bearers and we don’t know what the future will be, so we’re not going to claim to know what your child will need for it.

What we are is an alternative. One that is significantly different than the usual. An option that you can try if the usual solutions--the tutors, the extra practice after school, and so on--aren’t working for you. The Self-Organized Learning Environment might work for you. If it does, we will be happy to continue working for you until you don’t need us.

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