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  • Steven Delpome

Click here for videos of animals playing

This post originally started like this:

When is the last time you…

...went out in the cold in short sleeves

...drank from a hose

...made a prank phone call

...rode a bike without fitness in mind

...climbed anything besides stairs


...counted only to know how many

...smelled the tree’s bark

...tasted something you knew was gross

...smelled something you knew was gross

...ran until you couldn’t breathe just because

And it was going to go on in that vain.

We adults do have a tendency to take the fun out of things in the name of being productive.

But at what cost? Yes we live in a society where in order to survive, being productive in some way is a must unless you want to go live in a cave (it’s not as outrageous an option as you might think). But when did we all start to take ourselves so damned seriously? As if work and fun were mutually exclusive ideas?

Maybe if we weren’t so ready with our limited answers to problems children will face in our limited view of society, many of which are self-created problems to begin with, we might look elsewhere and learn a bit.

Are these birds looking for food? Catching bugs? Maybe. But they certainly don’t look troubled about it.

And these cats…

And these rabbits…

And these goats…

Is their play healthy for them? Making both their bodies and minds sharper? Of course. But that is not their aim.

For God’s sake play! Let the activity be your aim rather than the result, which you cannot be assured of anyway. Cut your sandwich into shapes. Make dinner with a bit of pizzazz. Have dessert. Dance. Please dance. And not because smiling and laughing have been shown to be linked to heart health. And not because it’s good exercise. Just because.

And then let the kids do the same.

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