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  • Steven Delpome

We are not leading a movement

We are not leading a movement.

Everyone in education it seems of late is leading a movement of some sort. Claiming to be leading an axial shift in consciousness on the level of The Renaissance.

And there is no sense in my hiding my point of view that schools, if they are going to remain relevant, are going to need to change top to bottom, inside and out, and there was a time that I thought leading a revolution of any kind on any level was the way for it to happen.

How much of that was catering to ego? To not only have a revolution but to be the face of it! To be the person others looked to, like we all look at others whose ideas we admire. Ooooh! Wow!

We talk of these grand visions, where change is happening in steps, or on levels, like there’s ever a clear path toward what we perceive the future needs to be.

Man plans. God laughs.

Knowing this, why don’t we in education just make sure children are smiling and comfortable. That children are fed and loved. Why don’t we just be good to children and have that be enough?

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