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  • Steven Delpome

Adults do dumb things

The following is a list of dumb things adults do…or don’t do

Not share

Not have fun alone

Wonder about weird things

Buy books from stores when they’re free at the library

Not build snowmen

Be realistic

Stay out of the rain

Measure everything

Not count things just to find out how many

Always keep their heads above their butts

Not Make up stories

Not make up games

Stay still

Do things they don’t like even though no one is making them

Drive everywhere

Call anything they do that makes them sweat or breathe hard “exercise”

Not dance

Think pretending to be an airplane is embarrassing

Take pictures of everything

Not look at everything

Not see how long they and their friends can stay underwater

Not catch lightening bugs

(lots of nots in the adult world!)

Not jump off of tall things

Not climb fences

Not do the honk horn arm motion to trucks

Get annoyed about snow

Value neatness and tidiness

Keep quiet

Keep quiet when they want to yell really, really loudly

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