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  • Steven Delpome

Not so funny anymore

A few months back I (feebly) attempted to make a video pointing out one of the more frustrating aspects of what school reformers think is change. School wants to keep doing what it’s doing while appearing to change.

A blog post published by journalist Beth Hawkins has made this idea feel a lot less funny.

Here’s the whole post, if you have any interest in schools, racial equality, and the school-to-prison-pipeline, I urge you to read it.

For now I’d like to deal with this particular section.

The idea that school wants kids writing on smartboards instead of chalkboards, or taking notes on iPads instead of paper notebooks, school wanting to keep doing the same old things but have it appear new seemed cute and funny in a snarky way. This same attitude is also damning people, almost all people of color, to lives of poverty and prison.

Not so funny anymore.

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