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  • Steven Delpome

The time that my time was my own for an entire day...

A week ago the to do list was:

  • Complete grant application to <anonymous foundation>

  • Repair malfunctioning laptop

  • Update Resume

  • Do IRS Forms

  • Create flyers for upcoming events

  • Organize files in computer folder

And I had an unexpected entire Thursday off from non-SOLE @ Home work, and had none of the fun SOLE @ Home work (SOLE Hours, clients, and so forth).

So I worked the day through. Got through the whole list and a couple of other minor things that needed doing. Look at the list. It’s slog work. But the thing is, by sundown, I noticed myself feeling giddy. Joyful, really. And it occurred to me that this was highly likely because my time that day was mine.

Having my time belong entirely to me, it further occurred to me, was something I’d never experienced in my adult life. Even those winter breaks and summer vacations when I was a school teacher--those were given to me, they weren’t completely mine. This is not something that most adults get to experience and a thought occurred to me:

What if adults in school have so little problem taking children’s time from them because they don’t have any concept of what they are actually taking away?

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