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  • Steven Delpome

Fat man running

I’m learning that there’s something about a fat man running that makes people want to stop and say nice things--even though there is zero concrete evidence on the scale or in my clothes sizes that I’ve “lost so much weight” or “look so good.”

But this has made me realize something: do the hard thing and people will get behind you. I don’t doubt the sincerity of the people I see regularly when running with my dog on the sidewalk. Either they’re simply being nice or they really see what they see, in spite of the story my pants tell me, and they tell me so, and the support feels good.

Do the hard thing and people will get behind you. Run. Quit your job. Call your old friend.

Leave your man. Piss off your co-workers. Start the family and figure out the finances later. Open the taco truck. Send the script out. Tell the truth to your friends. Go talk to that girl.

It’s very likely you won’t get what you want. But you’ll get something, you won’t know what ahead of time, of course. But surprises are always more fun.

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