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  • Steven Delpome

What's going to happen?

Here in NJ, Governor Murphy suggested that when schools reopen, kids are going to have to wear masks, which, to me, spurs a lot more questions about what's going to happen to children when schools do re-open. Bigger than all of these, I think, is what can any of us do about it?

How much more controlling and authoritarian will schools feel entitled to be in a word with COVID?

What will happen to the talkative school children without a person nearby to whisper to?

What will the rough and tumble school children do when they can’t roughhouse or run at recess?

What happens to the school children who at some point will need a hug?

What will the reactions to defiance be when acts of defiance are doubtless seen by some adults as “life endangering”?

What will the environment be like when the adults have “you could hurt somebody” as a seemingly legit reason to make school children stay in line?

How much more will schools restrict children from using the bathroom when the rooms are doubtless seen as COVID Petri dishes?

Will schools think that special curricula need to be made to address new issues like this?

How much more of an outcast will the dirty kid be made to seem? The kid with all the piercings? Greasy hair?

How much more outcast will the black children be made to feel?

Will the Asian children be returning to a safe environment?

Will there then be more rules made to make all the children of color even more uncomfortable and in unwanted spotlight?

What happens when in all of the school leader meetings going on right now, delivering curriculum is being discussed with equal and likely higher importance than any of these other questions and issues you might have?

How is a black boy in a mask going to be treated when he breaks a rule?

If children must wear masks, how unbelievably harsh will hat and hoodie enforcement be?

What kind of dress-code-like rules will schools have in regards to masks and what sub-groups of kids will the rules favor and hurt?

Schools already limit kids to an unhealthy amount of physical activity, how much less than even what little there is now will there be under new rules and restrictions?

Is someone actively writing a trap-hop version of Chicken Fat for morning routines in school come the fall?

For Christ's sake school busses?

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