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What do you wonder about?

Here at Sole @ Home, we are all about wondering.  So on this page you'll find a hodgepodge of ideas that we wonder about, along with people and ideas that make us wonder about things we most of the time never even thought to wonder about.  Some wonderfully wonderous wonderings indeed.


Ever wonder if you could count past Infinity?  Why do things creep us out?  What would happen if everyone on the planet jumped at the same time?  Vsauce has got you covered.  Their videos run from between 6 and 20 minutes in length, and each is fast paced and crammed full of interesting tidbits helping to explain some of the weird questions that run through our brains when we just let them.  You can click the picture above or click here to find their YouTube channel.

The Pixar Theory

Just a little mind-twisting theory that all Pixar movies actually exist in the same universe on the same timeline which both begins and ends with the movie Brave that will have you questioning every Pixar movie you've ever seen (and watching them a few more times, but extra closely.

The fact that Jon Negroni has now turned this into a book shows you just how wondering about weird and wild ideas is worth it.  Click the pic, or click here to check it out.

Why do they wear red all the time?

This one's from us here at SOLE @ Home.  We watch the conventions too and started looking back and found this odd trend among candidates through the years.  All of those pics are from conventions and the trend held true again this year.  Any theories?  Sources of info?  Fun guesses?  Post 'em in the comments below. 

(p.s. based on the candidates and times that red wasn't worn makes us think there must be something psychological going on...but that's just us wondering out loud here)

This is freakin' amazing.

Think on it for a minute! True? Not? Can you prove it? Disprove it?

Want to skip the thinking and see how it works? Google it to see the proofs. (or just click here for the google link)

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