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The SOLE Hour

How long will Earth exist?

Well, a good place to start would be with the solar system.

What if there were no money?

Well as usual we started off choosing from some seriously fascinating questions.

How does the brain work?

Pretty complex stuff for sure.  But curiosity goes a long way here where you can see the different parts of the brain mapped out.  What the brain does, a picture of how it does it.

...and the thought bubbles were a nice touch. =D

How long will people live in the future?

Some health tips we found should we want to live a really, really long time.  But how long?

What will happen when the sun explodes?

Fun fact:  We've got plenty of time until it happens

Why is the sky blue?

Some good information here on why it's blue.  Then notice on the left.  Learning is all about noticing things and, well, the sky, as we all know, is not always blue.

What do dogs think about?

Sixth Graders participate in a SOLE asking "How do writers develop characters?"

Sixth Graders ask: "What is Irony?"

"What is Suspense?"

...then we took it a little further.

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